In 2016, we did two very popular “Glossary of Sound Effects” posts. Learning keywords to use for your library can save you a ton of time. I thought it would be helpful to do a third post with a ton of new terms!

Whinny: The sound of a horse Neigh, usually high in pitch. Also look up: search neigh.

Pat: The sound of a hand coming into contact with a surface, such as cloth, skin, wood, etc. Also look up: grab, touch, clasp, skin touch.

Gallop: A fast walk cycle of a horse or other four legged creature, usually with 3-4 audible steps. Also look up: trot, canter, horse walk.

Rise: A cinematic musical or tonal element ascending in pitch, usually for the purpose of creating suspense. Also look up: riser, suspense, suction.

Guts: Squishy, slimy, movement or impacts that are typically wet and gross sounding. Also look up: gore, flesh, blood spill.

Scuff: To walk without lifting ones foot. Dragging one's foot across a surface of dirt, cement, grass, snow, etc. Also look up: scuffle, foot drag.

Flap: The sound of a material moving in the wind, such as a cape, parachute, or flag. Also the sound a bird's wings make whilst flying. Also look up: cloth move, cloth buffet.

Wronk: The sound of ripping/scraping metal. Also look up: metal creak, metal scrape, dry ice

Ringout: Describes a high pitched sound with a long decay. Usually a metal/sword hit with a long tail.

Peel: Sound of a tire squeal as it accelerates away (vs. a “skid” or a “chirp” for a tire squeal on a brake)

Shing: A sharp metal scrape indicating movement, usually for a sword. Also look up: unsheath, ring out, sword scrape

Flap: A good term for erratic fast movement. Great as a descriptor for cloth movement. Also look up: shake, movement

Bell Tree: The sound of chimes that usually ascend or descend in pitch. Also look up: gliss, wind chime

Screamer: Another term for a firework whistle

Goo: The sound of a sticky and slimey substance. Also look up: Slime, guts and squish

Gore: The general sound of blood, guts or violence. Also look up: blood, stab, splatter

Ronk: stress movement of a certain material. Great less transient alternative for Hits or Impacts. Also look up: stretch, stress, expand.

Parking Lot Maneuver: useful int/ext vehicle SFX for piecing together vehicle scenes where a car is doing different moves

Body Fall: The sound of bodyweight hitting the floor. Usually on multiple surfaces. Also look up: Body Impact, Body Roll

Trill: A musical ornamentation consisting of rapid alternation between two notes. Great for toony twinkling. Also look up: Tremelo

Sail Zip: A long trailing whistle. Great for something being thrown. Also look up: Zip

Jaw Harp: An instrument placed in one's mouth used to make twangy boings. Also look up: Jews Harp

Multi Whoosh: Very fast repetitive whooshes or swishes. Great for spinning. Also look up: Multi Swish

Squish: to make a gushing or splash sound. Also look up: mud, gore, blood

Dust: earth or other matter in fine, dry particles. Also look up: sand, small rock, pebble

Let us know if you find these helpful in the comments section below!