Boom Box Post services


Sound Effects Design & Editorial

As a design-focused post-production sound studio, we pride ourself not only on our extensive sound effects library, but also on our passion for custom-designing new sounds specifically for each and every project.  We, at Boom Box Post, encourage everyone on our team to constantly explore new technology and software, as well as hone their recording skills in order to widen the breadth of their sonic toolbox.  We cringe when we hear the same library sounds used again and again on television and in movies.  And so, our sound design teams always strive to sincerely appreciate the unique visual art that has come across our workspace and design a new sonic world to not only compliment it, but elevate it.  

Dialogue Editorial

Dialogue editorial is of the utmost importance in any project.  After all, what the characters say is often the key to the entire plot.  Boom Box Post will  assemble, clean up, and synchronize your production recordings, then add in any ADR to create a seamless playback.  We will build you an extensive library of reusable vocalizations for every project such as: laughing, common exclamations, grunts, etc.  That means that your picture editor can spend less time searching for additional lines to re-use, and you can save on unnecessary ADR costs.  Simply leave it to us.

Radio Play Editorial

One of the most important steps in the production process is assembling a quality radio play.  Boom Box Post receives the audio files and scripts from your recording studio and assembles a radio play that truly engages the listener.  We not only follow the script to include every circle take, we also cut in alternate takes for review, add temp sound effects to help convey the action, and scratch any missing lines.  This means your board artists have more inspiration and fewer blank spaces.  The inclusion of both an AAF of all tracks and a bounced audio file render means your animatic editor is always one step ahead of the game.  Additionally, we continually create a library of reusable vocalizations such as laughing, common exclamations, grunts, etc. and share it with your production team. 


Boom Box Post specializes both in traditionally recorded foley and digital foley, where we simulate the experience of a live walker by having a designer play the footsteps “live” on a keyboard.  Both methods always give your project the natural feel and gait of human performance.  We will help you to choose the right method to match your project.  

Re-Recording Mix

The mix is where all of your elements are put together: music, sound effects, dialogue, and foley.  Boom Box Post's re-recording mixers are experts in their field with decades of experience in balancing each moment’s sonic elements to create an impressively immersive experience for the listener.  

360º & Virtual Reality MIX

Boom Box Post’s experienced television and film re-recording mixers have enthusiastically embraced mixing for 360º video and VR. We have updated our workflow to accommodate this new technology and are happy to be of service whether you are a seasoned VR professional, or a studio beginning its own journey into the VR space.

Interactive Media packages

New digital content platforms have expanded the viewing possibilities for television series and films, and one such option is interactive programming. Boom Box Post has been at the forefront of offering full-service sound packages for interactive media. The workflow, media organization, and deliverables necessary to allow viewers to choose their own plot line can seem overwhelming. But, our experience with designing, mixing, and supervising the organization of interactive media will help to make post-production a breeze.

Full-Service Digital Content Packages

We are immeasurably excited to be working in sound during this technological explosion.  With more apps, webisodes, online storybooks, and other digital content than ever before, the possibilities for great sound in exciting new avenues has multiplied incredibly.  Digital content is no longer second-tier and that means adding professional sound work to your polished end product.  Luckily, Boom Box Post offers full-service digital content packages which include all of the above services plus custom-composed music in one cost-effective bundle.