Doing blog posts on builds that our editors create is probably my favorite so I hope you enjoy this one! This week I got to sit down with sound effects editor, Peter, to check out a cool build that he did recently. Peter had a small food robot that was malfunctioning to design. Let’s check it out!

step 1

He needed to create a steady for the robot of static electricity. He also added sparks that matched to picture throughout.

step 2

He next added beeps because what robot malfunctions without warnings beeps!!

step 3

Next he created a steady for the overdrive. He used SoundShifter to pitch it up over time.

step 4

There is a part of the sequence where the robot is spinning/rattling and splattering food everywhere, so for this, he combined a drill with a blender.

step 5

At the end of the sequence, the character pressed a stop button so Peter needed to have a power down of the robot. He reversed his power up by using Vari-Fi to pitch it down over time.


One challenge that Peter had was having too many layers for this build. He realized that some of them were unnecessary and also he only has so many tracks to work with.

Another challenge that he had was finding a balance of the levels of each layer. He wanted to make sure that each layer was heard at the right amount so it didn’t sound mushy.

Full Build

What is your favorite part of this robot malfunction? Let us know in the comments section!