Field recording in an always moving urban environment can be tough. As a way to push our interns skills, we sent them out to find different locations to record ambient backgrounds and cool sounds they come across. This week, lets listen to what sounds intern Katie Maynard was able to capture!


What sounds did you come across to record?

I recorded fish tanks at a fish and coral store nearby, an old, rickety elevator, and the atmosphere at the batting cages.


What inspired you to Choose the locations you recorded at?

I really wanted to choose locations that didn’t have a ton of coverage online or in the library. I knew I for sure wanted to try and record in a pet store, and that’s how I stumbled upon the fish and coral store. I had been in the Burbank elevator several times and remembered how shaky and scary it sounded, and wanted to capture that as well. Finally, I think the sound of bats hitting baseballs, the ball dispenser, and the clanking of metal bats on the floor would be an interesting environment, so I chose the batting cages.

Which was the most challenging to record and why?


The most challenging sound to record was the elevator since I had to ride up and down many times to get enough coverage of the elevator actually rising and descending. I then had to edit out the people getting on the elevator, talking on the elevator, and other sounds besides the elevator itself.

What was your favorite sound recorded and why?

My favorite sound to record was the batting cages since I got to just observe the environment for what it was including causal conversations, the rhythm of the baseballs being shot out of the dispenser, and the arcade attached to the cages themselves. It was really interesting to simply listen to all of the components of a very familiar place.


Does anyone else enjoy field recording? let us know your favorite  locations you've recorded at in the comments below!