My husband and I are proud to announce that we have just had a lovely baby boy!  I can't tell you his name, or really anything about him, since I'm writing this ahead of time in an attempt to spend as much of my maternity leave at home with my family as possible.  But I think it's safe to say that I'm surely enjoying my time off!  

While I'm reveling in the present, I thought this would be a wonderful time to take a look back at all of the great times we've had on this blog over the last few years.  Jeff and I started this company almost four years ago, and beginning to blog was one of the very first things to which we committed ourselves.  You'd think that starting a post-production audio studio would be enough of a challenge, but creating a space on the internet where we could share our knowledge, trials, and discoveries was such a huge part of the ethos we wanted to create for our new company that we didn't hesitate for one single week.  

While I'm really proud of that fact, it also means that we shared some of our best content before we had really built our audience.  So, while you may now be an avid reader of the blog, it's almost certain that you missed some really great posts from early on. So, I've put together a comprehensive list of my favorite blog posts I've written from the very beginning until now (and one of my faves by Jeff because it's part of a pair).  Hopefully you'll find something new to read, and I'll find myself with just a little bit more time to spend staring into my new baby's eyes (whatever color they may be).  Win-win, right? 

I promise I'll be back with new content very soon.  Until then, enjoy! 

What is your favorite Boom Box blog post of all time?  Share it in the comments below!