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Boom Box Post - Tess Fournier


With the new demands of our expanding business, we have had the pleasure of bringing another talented editor onto our team.  Her name is Tess Fournier, and she comes to us with a great amount of technical knowledge from her previous employment and a passion for animation sound.  To get to know her a little better, we asked her a few fun questions.  


Where did you grow up?

I’m from the North Shore of Massachusetts, in Amesbury, right on the border of New Hampshire.  


What inspired you to choose post-production sound as a career?

In high school, I wanted to create a radio station.  With all the FCC regulations, my project fell short and I couldn't make one.  So, I ended up making tiny podcasts.  The guests would record themselves, and I would edit everything.  I really enjoyed it.   When I went to Emerson, I was undeclared.  After being there, I found out there was an audio post-production major that I didn’t know existed.  I ended up doing that and enjoying it.  


What are you most excited about in joining the Boom Box team?

I’m really excited to work with animation.  All of my projects in college were animated because that was what I most liked to do then.  I’m really excited to be back into working on animation.  


What do you like to do outside of work?  

For the past year, it’s been mostly work.  I watch a lot of movies since that’s a very LA thing to do.  I’ve been hiking every weekend--that’s new--but I hope to start doing more of that.  I plan to buy a bike so I can bike to work.  I hope that will become a hobby.  


What is your favorite sound to experience in real life?

For high school, I went to a boarding school in a very rural area.  Before I had to go in for the night, if it was snowing, I would go out and lie in a quiet field and listen to the snow falling and hitting the ground.  


What is the strangest thing that you actually like the sound of?

I really like the sound of JELLO.  I like how gloppy it is.  


What was your favorite animated movie or television series as a child?  

The Lion King was my favorite movie.  I really like Hey Arnold! when I was little, too.


If you had to choose to wake up to one of these as your alarm clock sound for the rest of the life, which would you prefer: a chimpanzee scream or a klaxon submarine alarm?

I would like the klaxon alarm.  My alarm clock is kind of like that anyway.  


If Boom Box Post were a color, what color do you think it would be?

Blue, because everything is blue in here.  Blue is a nice color, too, and you seem very nice.  


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