with special introduction by Kate Finan

You may have heard the exciting news that Boom Box Post co-owner Jeff Shiffman and his wife, Corey, have welcomed a new baby boy into their family.  Theodore "Teddy" Shiffman was born on May 29th, and Jeff has spent the last few days getting him settled in at home and starting to enjoy his new family of four.  

So, in the spirit of new babies, below is a re-post of one of Jeff's personal sound blogs from just after his first child, Eloise, was born.  You can find the original on Sounds Like Jeff or continue reading for a full re-post.  Here's to growing families and sleep-filled nights!  Enjoy!

Hi all! Yes, it’s been a while, but I have a decent excuse. Soundslikejeff has a little one now and it turns out life can be time consuming when you have kids. Which brings me to my next topic:

When the little one was going to sleep at night, we wanted to have something soothing playing for her. I like waves because I have a certain fondness for the beach. Well, the ‘soothing lamb’ we bought turns off automatically after 45 minutes, which was simply not long enough (plus, the fidelity was horrible). By the time our little one woke up to start a new sleep cycle, the waves were long gone and every noise in our tiny house was audible.

My wife had the genius idea to have me create a seamless loop that could play all night on an old iPod. I gathered some of my favorite wave samples, worked a little EQ and compression to make sure nothing odd poked it’s head out and did my best to space them out somewhat evenly.

It’s been a while now and the little one is a fantastic sleeper. I thought I’d pay it forward to all of you frustrated parents out there who might be in need of a hand. As with all my sounds, the download is free. Happy sleeping and thanks for listen to what sounds like Jeff.

QUESTION: What sounds calm your children the best?

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