This week, I sat down with sound effects editor, Greg, to get a look at an interesting build that he created. This build was different than anything he had done before so let’s check it out!

What was your brainstorming process?

Essentially I was given the outline concept of a creature comprised of an incredibly dry storyteller with a touch of evil. So, that pretty much brought to mind a kind of evil sandman vibe, which is the design direction I decided to go in.

Could you give me the step by step process of what you added first and second, etc?

Since it traveled on a glistening brown cloud of boring, I decided to blend sizzling sand with a dissonant drone for the steady of the cloud along with off key dreamy chimes with a touch of low glow to suit the design. Those were the first elements I created. Then, since it moved around and produced new clouds to transmute its boring to others which surrounded them in the cloud until they turned to stone, the next elements I went on to create were the whooshes, the cloud movements and summon, the magical transform. Also the stone crackle to leave the people he touches and tells stories to bored stiff. I rendered the two parts of the transform from his boring powers separately to not tie my hands as much with timing. The last elements I made were the low rumbles. I made a long version and a short version, both with 2-3 parts that I rendered into a single file so I could use and balance accordingly.

Did you run into any issues/problems/what worked vs what didn’t work?

It’s been a good few months since I designed this character, so I’m a little fuzzy on specific roadblocks I ran into. I think the main challenge was finding elements that suited the vibe of the design without muddy-ing each other up when layered together. Aside from that, I had a solid concept in mind, so it was the usual challenge of then collecting and designing elements to make it happen.

Any tips on what really made this build cool?

I just really enjoyed this build. It was a very amusing concept that I had a lot of fun with. It had its challenges and was different from pretty much anything else I’ve designed.

Check out the elements and full build:

Let us know any cool creature builds you’ve designed in the comments section below!