This week I sat down with our sound effects editor, Katie, to tune in on a really cool popcorn build that she created. Basically what she needed to create were big popcorn waves aka a tsunami.. but with popcorn!

The first layer she created was the popcorn popping getting bigger. The challenge of this was finding files that didn’t have the microwave sound with it and also the pinging sound. So, she recorded popcorn and added iZotope to take out the microwave sound. The best way she found to do this was to record the microwave separately that way iZotope knew what to take out.

The main issue that Katie had was trying to get it to sound like popcorn popping. She felt that the actual popcorn recording was a bit too light. So she added some gunfire to it to give it that extra oomf!

Katie next created a shaking layer. She did this by putting bags of popped popcorn in a bowl and quickly shaking it.

After that, she created a popcorn raining sound. This was created by pouring the popcorn in various way and then made a steady out of it to add to the perfect popcorn storm!

Next, she needed a rumbling steady. She just used an already existing avalanche file.

Then, she got the final product. Check out this popcorn storm build!

Tell us some cool/unique builds you’ve done in the comments section below!