This week, I sat down with sound effects editor, BriElle, to see just how she created a giant yarn ball build!

The first step to this build was to capture the realism of a boulder due to the size of the yarn ball. So she pulled a boulder file from the library and after that she added some rocky/earthquake/rumbling to also help with how big it was. She had to find a good low, mid, and high rumbling for this.

After that, she needed to add the rotating effect of the yarn ball. She chose to use boulder impacts basically like steps. She sped them up in Protools and so every time it rotated you would hear the depth and power of this yarn ball!

Her biggest challenge was getting the texture of this yarn ball. First, she tried out some grass pats and even grass footsteps but didn’t have any luck. The best thing that she found to work was using cassette tape. I thought this part was very interesting. She said that she recorded a bunch of it in various ways to create more crispyness and texture.

Once you put all those elements together, you get this really cool build!

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