A few weeks ago, I sent out our intern Katie Maynard on a field recording mission to find record backgrounds and other cool sounds she came across. This week, our other intern Sam Busekrus was sent out on the same challenge but came back with much different sounds. Lets see what she came across!

Image from iOS.jpg

What sounds did you come across to record?

I recorded a fountain, wind chimes, airplane flying by, wind spinner and a horse.

What inspired you to Choose the locations you recorded at?

I honestly just looked on google maps for location ideas and then I save a grave yard and thought it could be a cool location to record. The horse stable location was just a spontaneous spot I thought of while I was out.

Which was the most challenging to record and why?

The most challenging to record was definitely the animals just because they never made noise when I wanted them to make noise so it was just hard to get the recordings that I was looking for.

What was your favorite sound recorded and why?

My favorite sound to record was the wind chimes. I always loved wind chimes as a kid and the sounds that they make. I find it to be very relaxing so I think that was why it was my favorite to record today!


What are some cool sounds you have come across and just had to record? Let us know in the comments below!