This month we're kicking off a two part Boom Box collaborative blog post challenge!  I've tasked our editors with creating a unique non-human/non-english voice from their own mouth that is evocative and has potential for sound design.  Next month I will assign each editor someone else's voice, which they will twist and tweak to help achieve the original intent, using whatever tools they choose. 

The results of round one are surprising to say the least, and I'm very impressed with the variety of creatures our team has imagined!  Be sure to tune in next month for the shocking conclusion of our Creature Speech Sound Design Challenge!

Brad Meyer

Meet the Grub!  I could see someone using them for a Jabba The Hut type character. Something large and gross!

Kevin Hart

For this recording I envisioned an evil reptilian creature having a beguiling conversation.

Jeff Shiffman

My creature, the Gorgenbrüt, is blob that weighs 26 tons and stands (or rather loafs) 72 feet tall. Its face and body resemble that of a manatee, although entirely translucent. The GorgenBrüt's extreme vocal range comes from a combination of six diaphragms located within the folds of its neck. What you are hearing here is its mating call.

Tess Fournier

Whenever we do “creature” recordings, we tend to get a lot of low throaty vocals, so I thought it would be a nice contrast to come up with something small and high pitched. For this post, I tried to vocalize what a fairy would sound like talking and laughing.

Jacob Cook

My favorite creatures are all those that have different mouth structures than humans.  The Prawns in District 9,  the alien from Predator, and any number of space faring beings in Star Wars, inspired my creation.  The Neobbusk, my creature, speaks by funneling air through a series of throat and mouth flaps, clicking and smacking them together to produce its gasping  cadence.  

Madeline Kushner

This is called a Lirat, it's part lion and part rat. It looks like a small lion with a rat tail and big teeth. It's super scrappy to account for its small size. It's got a fierce bit and scratch to it.

What are your favorite methods for creating exciting and evocative creature sound effects?  Let us know in the comments!

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