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Hi everyone, 

We have a big announcement to make: we are branching out from our post production sound business, Boom Box Post, and have created our own sound effects library company, Boom Box Library.  This has been a long-time dream of ours, and we are immensely excited to finally see it making its debut in the coming weeks. 

First and foremost, a huge thank you to anyone who answered our survey, helped out with beta testing our software, or just gave us encouragement along the way.  We love being a part of this amazing sound design community, and we hope that this latest contribution on our behalf will only help to nurture the relationships and free-flowing knowledge base that we already feel lucky to take part in. 

As working studio owners and supervising sound editors, we felt that we and our award-winning team had a unique perspective to add to the sound effects library world.  For a long time, we have been creating unique sound effects for our own use, and now we're incredibly thankful for the opportunity to share them with you.  We've always held ourselves to the highest creative quality standards, and I can honestly say that we are creating libraries that we ourselves want to use. 

We know what it's like to not only need to present the highest quality of work, but also meet tight deadlines.  With that in mind, we have designed all of our libraries with unmatched functionality to help you do just that. 

All libraries will include the following: 

  • Files embedded with industry-leading metadata to make searching in your favorite asset management system a breeze. 
  • All shorter sound files include multiple iterations, providing you with plenty of options all within the same sonic family.  No more searching for a whole new file or manipulating that one great sound when you need to introduce subtle variations. 
  • All longer sounds loop seamlessly.  No need to spend precious time finding the exact right place to create a loop.

And finally, the most exciting part: each library collection we publish will come with a custom-created sound design toolkit.  Or, you can choose to purchase the standalone sound effects library at a lower price.

Our sound design toolkits will allow you to take your design work to the next level by integrating our sound effects with software such as Kontakt and TouchOSC.  These integrations will let you intuitively modulate aspects of the sound such as pitch and speed in real time with the simple touch of a finger or swipe of a hand. 

For now, we want you to enjoy this free taste of our first sound effects library, Heads Up Display, which will be part of our Robotic Creations Collection.  Click the button to download a free sample bundle, and feel free to use them on any project.  

Much love & respect, 

Kate & Jeff

P.S. Much more information coming soon... But for now, you can follow Boom Box Library on social media (links below) and sign up for our newsletter to be sure you're the first to know when our newest library drops! 

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