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Our Boom Box Library online store is open! 

Boom Box Library proudly presents its first release of the Robotic Creations Collection: The Heads Up Display SFX Library & Sound Design Toolkit!

From now until Christmas Day, we are offering $20 OFF your purchase of the Heads Up Display SFX Library & Sound Design Toolkit.  Purchase both for the price of just the library! 

The SFX Library

The Heads Up Display sound effects library is the first installment in the Robotic Creations Collection.  This library features the internal tech sounds that you would hear within each distinctive robot's heads up display, such as: 

  • interface beeps
  • success beeps
  • fail beeps
  • data readouts
  • countdowns
  • alarms
  • power ups
  • power downs

Five Robot Personalities, Endless Possibilities.

Each library within the Robotic Creations Collection contains sound effects designed to match five different robotic personalities with their own unique sonic characteristics:

  • Mimo, the robot buddy 
  • Q5, the vintage robot
  • NGage, the exosuit
  • Gregory, the android
  • Firewall, the mech suit

The Sound Design Toolkit

Boom Box Library's sound design toolkits allow you to create endless variations, tailoring sounds specifically to the needs of your project. Pre-mapped to the sampler Kontakt by Native Instruments, sounds can be triggered with a MIDI keyboard or further manipulated with a tablet via our custom TouchOSC layouts. Together, these tools give you the hands on experience of performing live changes such as pitch and time alteration as well as playing back multiple layers of sounds at once. Our sound design toolkits take you beyond simple editorial, giving you everything you need to design your own unique take on the Boom Box Library sound.