WRITTEN BY Makenzie Kellerman

 Sound Effects Editor at BOOM BOX POST

Here at Boom Box I often find myself cutting chew effects for aliens, monsters, humans, animals, etc. I’m always looking for new crunches and lip smacks. For this week’s post I thought it would be fun to record my dog eating different foods and see what we could come up with!



Rice Cake


Soggy Bread

Potato Chip

Recording an animal presented some challenges. Having limited communication between the two of us I wasn’t able to tell her when to begin, when to scoot further or closer to the mic, when to keep her head still, etc. Overall, I think the biggest challenge was to get Bowie to actually chew some of the food. She was so excited for the treat she was swallowing it whole.

Despite the challenges I think the recordings will be useful to me in the future!

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