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We've been doing a lot of recording around the studio recently and I have been inspired at the wide array of sounds the Boom Box editors are capable of creating from their own bodies!  To showcase a few of these(and have some fun recording) I asked each editor to perform some kind of sound effect they could create from their person.  They vary from disgusting bodily functions to to fascinating foley material and I hope you all enjoy them as much as I have! 

Jessey Drake

I like to use these types of lip warble sounds particularly for monster vocals. They add a very grotesque element to their vocals and when pitched down they can become a foundational piece to a lot of vocalizations.

Kate Finan

I had just finished having a conversation with Jessey about how squeaky my faux-leather jacket is when Jacob approached me to ask if I had a moment to make a sound effect with my body.  Perfect!  He recorded while I pumped my arms in a running motion while holding them tightly against my sides.  I imagine that this could work well for the obvious leather jacket foley or for a fun cartoon squeaky walk cycle!

Jeff Shiffman

What most likely started as a gross-out tactic to annoy my older sister quickly became an asset as I took up sound design. I can suck air into my gut allowing me to produce some pretty epic burps on command. This signature belch has been in countless hours of television, having used it for years myself as well as many sound editor friends I've shared it with who seem to have also taken a liking to it's texture, size and disgustingness.

Tess Fournier

This is an “old man groan” I can make that I think sounds really funny. I actually recorded myself doing this for a brief section in the episode of The Loud House: A Novel Idea. There was an old man with a gaping mouth sitting in the dentist lobby, and it was a prime moment to make use of this “skill”.

Brad Meyer

This is my whistle-hum combination, which to me, sounds a bit like R2D2 from Star Wars. I use it to make robots, telemetry, or static sometimes.

Makenzie Kellerman

Recording Bowie's howls is super fun and can be used for several different situations. They're great for dogs or if pitched down they can make a good werewolf!

What are your favorite self-created sound effects?  Let us know in the comments!

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