As sound designers, we're often tasked with creating sounds for things that don't exist in real life or making versions of actual sounds that are hyper-real.  My first step is always to ask myself, "What characteristics do I want from the sound?" Then, I brainstorm all of the other possible things that also have those same characteristics.  That's my starting point for all design work.  

Often, this leads me to create great sounds from unexpected source recordings.  Here, I've designed a fun and fast quiz to see how sharp you are at figuring out the original sound.  Each sound below is named with the thing I designed it to be.  You get to guess the source!  Submit your responses to see the correct answers, and share with your friends to see who is the best!

1. Dragon Snarl

2. Machine Powering Up

3. Lava  Bubble and Rumble

4. Tearing Flesh

5. Alien Machine

Submit your best guesses below to see the correct answers!

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QUESTION: Do you have a favorite origin sound you've used to design something completely different?  Tell us about it in the comments below!

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