We were so excited to give a talk at this year's Creative Talent Network Animation Expo in Burbank. The talk started with a brief history of sound for animation (a lot of which you can find expertly boiled down here) followed by an overview of the post sound process from beginning to end. We finished up with some video demos of the different layers of sound in our work as well as some of the fun instruments and props we have recorded over the years.

We hoped the panel would prove interesting to content creators looking for information on how to approach the sound process for their own work. To our pleasant surprise (this was our first time doing this after all) the turnout was incredible! The room was filled to capacity and we were bombarded with fantastic questions from a very energetic crowd. We were simply bowled over by the enthusiasm for a talk revolving around animation sound. There's clearly a thirst for this information and we were so appreciative for such a warm reception.

For a brief rundown, you can read our intern David's live tweeting of the talk on our Twitter feed. Here are some photos from Boom Box Post's fantastic experience at CTN this year (click to scroll).

What are some details you'd like to see covered in a talk about animation sound design? Leave your ideas in the comments below.