Re-recording Mixer, BOOM BOX POST


Joe DiMarco is a Re-recording Mixer, and one of the newest members of the Boom Box Team.  His sense of humor and passion for mixing and recording make him an wonderful addition to Boom Box Post.

Where did you grow up?

New Orleans, Louisiana.

What inspired you to choose post-production sound as a career?

I really wanted to be a music educator, but I quickly realized didn’t want to teach. I went to school for audio and was introduced to post production, and I fell in love with the process.

What’s your favorite type of show to work on?

Anything with a really good script, not just quality but something that has a good message.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Cook! I want to expand my world and really want to get myself in there. Not just in basic cooking but in improving my technical skills.  I even tried my hand at designing menus and prepping recipes. I also love the outdoors.

What is your favorite sound to experience in real life?

The sound of a metal basketball net (think space jam).  Also I really like to experience silence. Absolute silence. It’s more of a visceral feeling than a sound. We’re never quiet and it’s just nice to experience that when we can.

What fruit would you describe yourself as?

I'm a strawberry because they look like they're always having fun.